Release Day!

Hi there! It’s a happy day today because today is the day PAPER GIRL is released to the world. I have to admit, though, it’s overwhelming. I’ve spent more than half my life Paper Girl Coverpreparing for this, the day my book is published and shown to the world.

It was a long journey, starting when I was only twelve years old and preparing to write my first book. It didn’t take long for me to finish it and realize I’d found my passion. Not only that, I wanted to be a published author. It wasn’t until about ten years later that I started seriously writing for publication and seeking out a literary agent to represent me and my work. That was also a long journey that took several years, with lots of ups and downs. It’s hard to be so passionate about something and want it so badly but realize that a lot of it is out of your hands. It’s also hard to balance that with your full-time job and kids, making writing seem like it’s only a hobby when you want it to be your career.

But, now I can say I’ve made it. PAPER GIRL is here, and I’m so happy you have the chance to read it. You can find it at most major retailers online (or check your local library), and you’ll find me out and about doing interviews and guest posts and giving away excerpts on social media.

And don’t forget to check in soon for more exciting news about my new books that are coming your way!


2 thoughts on “Release Day!”

  1. Hi Cindy, I am Suzanne’s aunt. Although this is not the style book I usually read, my sister sent it to me, so I read and enjoyed Paper Girl. I really enjoyed it! It is very well written. You are an excellent writer and I hope to see many more books from you.


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